Henri Rousseau


I volunteer, as a helper, in an art class for kids. The bonus: one free hour art lesson. It’s tons of fun and I learn so much. And most of the time I’m inspired to go home and do my own art project. This is one of them. I rushed it and so, of course, I messed up with the leaves around the tiger.
Yesterday, I showed the picture to the instructor my picture and told her about my mess up. She said she wouldn’t have noticed it (at least right way) if I hadn’t pointed it out and she thought it was a fantastic mistake since Rousseau got made fun of a lot for not being a school trained artist and therefore didn’t paint realistically.

A few semesters ago, I had to take a 2D Elements of Design class, as a photography major. There was just one other photography major and the rest were art majors. As you can tell by “2D,” we did a lot of drawing in that class and I have had one drawing class, which was in HS. One of my projects, we had to tell a story with our drawings and one of the art majors commented on how cute my drawings were and how they reminded her of an elementary school kid’s drawing. I smiled and laughed and replied, “That’s just how I know how to draw and I sort of like it.” I think my instructor overheard because during the next class she introduced “Illustration Art” and had us all watch a short video about. I felt like she was speaking to me and letting me know that my style was indeed an art and it had a name. After class, I went straight to the library and looked up books on “illustration” and realized that all the artists that I follow on Instagram were… “Illustrators.”

Now I don’t call myself an artist, but being creative is one of the many ways I do therapy and I guess it’s just fun to share what you’ve created and to remind yourself what you’ve tried or how far you’ve come along.
Do you have a favorite style of art or movement? What are your ways of decompressing from a long or stressful day? Besides illustration, music, and hiking rejuvenate me, along with spending time with God.

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